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"Embracing the Energizing Power of Spring Equinox in Our Human Nature"

Written by Ebone of Ebb N Flows Healing Modalities

Spring Equinox

An equinox is the equality of equal day and equal night. 

The Spring Equinox collides with the beginning of the fiery season of Aries marking a new astrological year. The sun is out for longer to melt away the winter blues and bring rebirth to the earth. 

Before easter egg hunts, societies across the globe celebrated the earth's great transitions. The ancient Egyptians celebrated the sun god Horus around the time of the spring marking it as a new beginning.

Even The Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza are aligned with The Sun and Spring Equinox. In ancient Chinese medicine, they studied the process of seasons and the body by accounting for food and physical energy that increased around this time of the year. These practices unilaterally support celebrating New life on earth physically and energetically. 

Human Nature and Spring

Most of western civilization has been celebrating the New Year in January; in the middle of winter.

Things are still cold and the earth's energy is still in hibernation, so maybe we should be too??

Maybe there is a more powerful force behind 85% of people dropping their "new year resolutions" by the end of winter (February

Aligning with the sacred cycle around us, allows us to reset from winter and plant new seeds in fertile ground. This connection can look like vision boards, cleaning your space and increasing movement. What we can learn from the great societies before us is GETTING IN NATURE! 

Get connected to the fields around you, especially in the form of walking/hiking.

This not only lifts our spirits, but literally increases our well-being.

Getting out in nature increases our vitamin D levels, which is HUGE for melanated bodies.

It kick starts our body from a sedentary state into detox -- renewal. As we start moving more, taking in fresh oxygen, the gut resounds to gravity while our autoimmune response to pathogens and springs our lymphatic system springs into high gear. This allows the body to metabolize faster and fight off dis-ease. 


The first full moon of spring is an eclipse in the sign of Libra; the sign of balance.

This presents an optimal opportunity to bring balance to planting seeds and pruning leaves. 

Ebb In Flow Worm Moon Journal Prompts

  • What is the current state of your garden?? 

  • What thoughts/ patterns/ people/ behaviors will you leave in winter? 

  • What will you plant in this fertile ground?

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